Growth Of Laser Profiling Technology Enhances CCTV Inspections

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2008 Vol. 63 No. 9

RedZone Robotics provides multi sensor inspection services delivering a 3D digital representation of pipes and is a leader in developing laser profiling technology. RedZone says that CCTV and laser complement one another – CCTV detects defects the laser is likely to miss, and laser picks up the defects that CCTV operators can't detect or directly measure. Lasers also can be used to verify defects observed via CCTV and provide specific physical information on the size and shape of those defects. The net result is an inspection that provides a more accurate and comprehensive description of a pipe, which greatly increases the chances of discovering all defects.

RS Technical Services (RST)

RST is an established provider of CCTV pipeline inspection systems. Its laser profiling equipment is used in CoolVision systems and is capable of profiling pipe in diameters from 6 to 48 inches and can profile pipes that contain as much as 45 percent water. It has fixed optical and laser triangulation for +/ 0.25 percent accuracy with 99.9 percent repeatability for inspection comparison. The profiler takes 60,000 measurements per second of 2,000 radial measurement points. Data is analyzed and reports generated by the professional data analysis center.

Significant Potential

"Laser profiling," concludes Muenchmeyer, "appears to be a tool that has significant room for growth in the future. The major impediment at this time for the use of laser profiling, appears to be cost. As engineers begin to understand the value associated with laser profiling its use will increase significantly."

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