HammerHead Becomes Distributor Of Picote Cutting systems

May 2014, Vol. 69 No. 5

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has signed an agreement with Picote Cutting systems to become a new North American distributor, thereby adding new capabilities to HammerHead’s existing lateral lining system offerings.

Ryan Boldan, HammerHead’s lateral product manager, said “Picote’s award-winning pipe cutting and cleaning products can save our CIPP customers time and money while making CIPP lateral branch reinstatement much easier.”

Customizable Picote Cutting System packages allow users to select the combination of Smart Cutter, Twister, Cyclone or Original Chain Flails, and Miller products they need for their typical jobs without requiring them to purchase the complete product line. A full range of Smart Cutter System products are available to clean pipe and reinstate branches for nominal pipe sizes of 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inches.

Standard HammerHead Picote packages include Smart Cutter Starter Kits, Twisters, Cyclone chain flails, adaptors, bearing, steering axle, front drill heads, side grinding panels, hub disks and a set of hand tools precisely designed for reinstatement jobs.

• Original Chain Flails are made from stainless steel and are an all-round general cleansing and grinding chain.
• Cyclone purges even the most problematic pipes. The centrifugal force centers the Cyclone inside the pipe preventing the chain from hitting against the side of the pipe when in use. The chain flails are powered either by a hand drill capable of 2,000 rpm or more, or by a Picote Milling Machine for greater torque and effectiveness.
• Twister openes branches at Y or T connections that have been temporarily obstructed in the installation of new lining. Since the Twister’s integral rotary brushes centralize the Twister, its disk cutter is accurately positioned throughout the cutting process. This makes it safe for use even with CIPP rehabilitation of PVC, because there is no risk of Twister damaging the original piping.
• Smart Cutter is a CIPP installation’s quality control system. The Smart Cutter follows up after the Twister, using its grinding panels to smooth openings to a quality finish. It consists of a hub at the end of a flexible shaft that holds four flexible flap-like grinding panels to the sides. A variety of implement designs are available to attach to the hub’s front face, which makes the Smart cutter effective for almost any reinstatement situation. The Smart Cutter is capable of navigating T or Y branches as well as multiple bends and angles greater than 90 degrees to open lateral connections in CIPP even faster than expensive robotics.

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