HammerHead Becomes Distributor Of Picote Cutting systems

May 2014, Vol. 69 No. 5

Milling machines are used by operators to power the Smart Cutter, Cyclone and Twister with one of Picote’s three milling machine models:
• Micro Miller is designed for 1/3-inch flexible shaft or through special order, a ¼-inch flexible shaft. It has a 40-foot range.
• The Mini Miller is also designed for a 1/3-inch shaft but has a 56-foot range.
• The more versatile but heavier Midi Miller supplies torque up to 40 feet through a ½-inch cable, or with an adapter, a 1/3-inch flexible shaft.
• For tougher jobs, the hydraulically powered Maxi Miller machine supplies the greatest torque for ranges up to 100 feet. Weighing 220 pounds, the Maxi Miller is mounted on wheels making it easy to maneuver and position during use.