HDD Broker Expands Into Other Underground Construction Equipment

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
Bob Martin, HDD Broker

For more than 12 years, HDD Broker Inc. has been bringing together sellers and buyers of used horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment.

Deals all over the world originate at the company’s web site which lists hundreds of drill units of all brands, sizes and prices in conditions ranging from nearly new to older models.

HDD Broker first attracted wide attention following the 2000 telecom bust when suddenly there was a large supply of used directional drills available that were no longer needed by their owners. The company quickly became one of the industry’s leading suppliers of used and repossessed HDD equipment, as well as a source for advice and data related to used equipment trading.

Market expanding
Now, HDD Broker is expanding its reach in underground construction markets.

“HDD Broker is proud to announce our official expansion into the plow and trencher marketplace,” said Bob Martin, general manager. “It is a logical step forward for the company, and an area that we are already seeing a great deal of success in. As a sideline to our core HDD products, trenchers and plows have nonetheless accounted for a very substantial number of listings and sales.”

Early in 2012, Martin said HDD Broker plans to hit the plow and trencher market “very hard.” A new on-line platform will market tractors and trencher and plow attachments.

“Our customers and trading partners,” Martin said, “are very excited about this expansion, as are we.”

Martin said trencher and plow categories already are in place on the HDD Broker web site (www.hddbroker.com) and there are sales team members with experience in those industries. With an attachments section and an expanded and revised specification library, Martin said the new dedicated web site should be completed early in the new year.

“With that addition of new equipment categories,” said Martin, “HDD Broker can field all of the utility installation equipment needs of our customers around the globe.”

News of the expanding product listings is the second major announcement this year by HDD Broker.

In April, HDD Broker was acquired by Vermeer Corp., a leading manufacturer of horizontal directional drills, trenchers, vibratory plows and other underground construction equipment.

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