HDD Broker Expands Into Other Underground Construction Equipment

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
Bob Martin, HDD Broker

The news surprised many in the industry because the traditional distribution channel for underground construction equipment has long been specialist dealers. But Martin said the acquisition by Vermeer has resulted in no significant changes in HDD Broker’s operations.

“One of the most important aspects of HDD Broker is that we act independently from any one specific manufacturer,” Martin emphasized. “We service the needs of our customers first, and that means that we help them source equipment that is best suited for their needs, whether that equipment is yellow, orange, blue or otherwise.”

Martin said during conversations with Vermeer prior to the acquisition, the importance of HDD Broker’s way of doing business was relayed to the Vermeer senior management team members, who agreed that in order for HDD Broker’s value to remain intact, the company needed to remain what it was prior to the purchase.

“That means,” he said, “continuing the existing business model with a focus on equipment that extended beyond one brand or another, encompassing the entire range of offerings from all manufacturers around the world.”

Since the acquisition, Martin said HDD Broker is “as busy as ever.”

“We are seeing continued demand from our customers’ overseas, demand that remained very strong throughout the recession,” he explained. “Additionally, we’re seeing resurgence in inquiries and purchases from domestic contractors which is a very positive indicator of recovery at home. With some exciting new equipment announcements from some of the manufacturers, upcoming Tier IV regulations, and a recovering economy, we see a very strong future in the next few years.”

Dealers react
A question industry watchers have posed is how the Vermeer dealer organization has reacted to Vermeer’s ownership of HDD Broker.

“A huge portion of our efforts in the last few months has been introducing HDD Broker formally to the Vermeer dealership network,” answered Martin. “Up to that point there was a lot of misconception and missing information about the company, and our efforts to help show the dealers who we are, what we do and how we can be of a benefit to them have really paid off well. Some of our best trading partners now are some of those who were most opposed to us at the beginning of the acquisition. It was really just a matter of letting them know how we work and what we can do for them before the general opinion of HDD Broker changed for the positive.”

Martin believes the biggest benefit that HDD Broker brings to the Vermeer dealership network is aiding in its used equipment marketing efforts.

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