HDD Broker Expands Into Other Underground Construction Equipment

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
Bob Martin, HDD Broker

“Our company now plays a major role in many of their trade-in programs and used equipment sales strategies,” he added.

Martin said before the acquisition, HDD Broker already had good relationships with many Vermeer dealers, as well as dealers representing other product lines.

“Many of the more forward-thinking dealerships from numerous competitive manufacturers have used HDD Broker for nearly a decade to help sell their used equipment, price trade-ins and stay in touch with market pricing,” he added.

Looking ahead, Martin said once the trencher/plow expansion has been judged successful, he envisions branching off into other areas, including agricultural, environmental, mining, recycling and others.

“With the resources of one of the world’s leading manufacturers in these areas behind us,” he pointed out, “HDD Broker is well-situated to make a very strong impact in these industries in the future.”

HDDBroker, (866) 960-3331, www.hddbroker.com
Vermeer Corp., (888) 837-6337, www.vermeer.com

Positive Impact For Vermeer
Jason Andringa, Vermeer Vice President, Global Distribution

Underground Construction magazine also discussed the new Vermeer/HDD Broker dynamic with Vermeer Inc.’s Jason Andringa, vice president of global distribution.

Underground Construction (UC): Acquiring a broker is a significant departure from traditional distribution channels for underground construction equipment manufacturers. What factors contributed to Vermeer's decision to acquire HDD Broker?

Jason Andringa (JA): Vermeer’s acquisition of HDD Broker represents change in our distribution model, but I don’t think I would classify it as a “significant departure.” This acquisition fits perfectly with our lifecycle solutions efforts as we seek to be part of and add value to a customer’s ownership experience throughout the entire lifecycle of a piece of equipment. From Vermeer’s perspective, we felt confident that this acquisition would prove to be a benefit both to us as a corporation and to our dealers. Also, we felt confident that from a customer’s perspective, HDD Broker will only improve -- all the previous benefits are still there with a few new ones because of what Vermeer can bring as a global entity.

UC: From Vermeer's perspective, how is the acquisition working?

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