HDD Broker Expands Into Other Underground Construction Equipment

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
Bob Martin, HDD Broker

JA: Things are off to a good start. A significant effort has been made to educate Vermeer’s dealers on how they, and their customers, can benefit from this acquisition. Also, the magic of HDD Broker from before the acquisition has remained intact. HDD Broker’s ability to serve its market niche has only improved.

UC: What has been the reaction of Vermeer dealers?

JA: A number of Vermeer dealers were very involved even before the acquisition was finalized as we explored how to make this work. Initial reactions ranged from positive to skeptical. I think the majority of our dealers are now convinced of, and in many cases have already experienced, the value of this acquisition to them and their customers.

UC: What benefits does the acquisition have for Vermeer? Vermeer dealers? Vermeer customers? Other users of underground construction equipment?

JA: We definitely see this acquisition benefiting everyone you mention – Vermeer, Vermeer dealers, and customers of both Vermeer and those owning competitive equipment. We would not have made this acquisition if we were thinking strictly from the Vermeer Corporation perspective. This acquisition makes sense because it positively impacts all Vermeer stakeholders -- dealers and customers in addition to Vermeer itself.

UC: Please comment on the decision to expand HDD Brokers to include equipment in addition to HDD.

JA: We see it as a natural expansion. Vermeer’s product range is broad, and HDD Broker’s business model is certainly applicable to products beyond HDD. We will take expansion step by step and make sure that we execute each opportunity well before moving on to the next opportunity.