HDD: Fundamental Change

By Robert Carpenter, Editor | June 2011 Vol. 66 No. 6

World economies
Just when will the U.S. construction market pull out of this recession? That is probably the most asked question in the marketplace today. Parts of Europe are actually doing quite well, economically, while other countries (i.e. Spain, Greece and Ireland immediately come to mind) are essentially bankrupt. China has become the Holy Grail for many manufacturers hoping to sell abroad. However, China’s inflation rate is almost out of control and catching up with their double-digit growth rate, making that area a bit shaky. The Chinese are trying to figure out how to balance growth while keeping inflation in check – all part of a maturing economy, say several expert reports we’ve seen.

But most of the world still views the U.S. market as the lynchpin that holds the worldwide economy together. Until we get back on our feet, a true worldwide recovery will be fleeting and spotty.