Herrenknecht Wins IPLOCA Innovative Tech Award

December 2013, Vol. 68 No. 12
(L-R) Doug Evans, Ulrich Schaffhauser, John Attrill

The new technology has shown its usefulness already in the first projects. As first reference project, the method demonstrated its efficiency in the construction of the "North-South Gas Pipeline" in the Netherlands, where the technology achieved top tunneling performances of up to 1.20 meters (3.95 feet) per minute. Currently, the machine is in operation near Bangkok in Thailand for the “Fourth Transmission Pipeline.” Despite the monsoon season, the 42-inch gas pipeline is to be installed in several sections with overburdens of 1.20 - 2.30 meters (3.95 - 7.55 feet). With the heavy rainfall this could not be realized efficiently using conventional construction methods with long and wide open construction pits.

Pictured above are Doug Evans, IPLOCA president and CEO of Gulf Interstate Engineering; Ulrich Schaffhauser, chairman of the executive board of the Business Unit Utility Tunnelling at Herrenknecht; and John Attrill, project general manager of BP at the IPLOCA awards ceremony.

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