Hobas Pipe Celebrates 25 Years In North America

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | December 2009 Vol. 64 No. 12
Hobas Pipe being stacked for transport from the Houston manufacturing facility.

Hobas Pipe USA customer service, technical and field personnel provide support during every phase of a project.

"We are known for responsive customer service," Paggioli says. "On site field representatives are backed by extensive engineering support. That means continuous cooperation from the specification writing stage to installation and final acceptance."

The reasons driving continued growth of the company are very basic, believes Paggioli.

"Our products and service repeatedly exceed customer needs," she concluded. "The market needed a competitive pipe with leak free joints, long life and high flow capacity. Hobas delivers a pipe that fills the bill and, we believe, has certainly raised the bar for pipe performance and service."

Hobas Pipe USA, (800) 856-7473, (281) 821-2200, www.hobaspipe.com

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