Home Warranties Now Available For Water Services, Sewer Laterals

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1

“HomeServe offers water service line and sewer/septic line coverage across 36 states,” said Meehan. “There are some variations across the states, depending upon the specific requirements of our local utility partners. In general, the differences are based on the annual dollar limit of the coverage, the number of claims allowed per year, the extent of property restoration, etc. HomeServe tries to design coverage plans that cover the majority of situations that homeowners may encounter, while keeping prices of the plans affordable.”

Regardless of its success in terms of new business, HomeServe’s efforts to sell water service line protection is giving many thousands of homeowners the opportunity to be aware, likely for the first time, that repairing their water service lines is their responsibility and their expense. This awareness has to be a positive development for utility providers and contractors who serve them.

HomeServe was founded in the United Kingdom in 1993. HomeServe USA was established in 2003.

The web provides a fast easy way for disgruntled consumers to voice grievances -- justified or not -- about products and services, and complaints about HomeServe can be found on several web sites that specialize in collecting and posting consumer complaints. Most are from homeowners who learn that needed repairs are not covered by their plan or for slow or inferior service by the third-party contractor assigned to make repairs. Similar complaints also are common for home appliance protection plans.

Considering a customer base of more than one million, the number of HomeServe complaints on web sites is not significant -- the company claims a 97 percent satisfaction rate with the entire HomeServe USA emergency process, based on surveys conducted by HomeServe.

“When a customer contacts HomeServe’s 24 hour emergency hotline and a job is dispatched to one of HomeServe’s service providers, the service provider must contact the customer within an hour to confirm the job and agree on a time of arrival,” said Meehan. “On average, HomeServe service providers are on site within three hours of the customer’s call.”

HomeServe uses licensed and qualified service providers from the local community to perform work on the company’s behalf, Meehan added.

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