Home Warranties Now Available For Water Services, Sewer Laterals

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1

“We continuously work to improve these materials so that they accurately reflect these items, comply with applicable consumer laws, and incorporate best practices,” he continued. “In addition to ongoing internal review, we regularly engage nationally recognized legal counsel specializing in marketing practices and consumer law to review our materials to assure that they are both explicit and transparent. Moreover, after a customer signs up for coverage, HomeServe provides a 30-day period for customers to review the coverage materials, including full terms and conditions. Should the customer decide that the coverage is not right for them, HomeServe provides a full money back guaranty.”

Several HomeServe industry partners told Underground Construction that their association with HomeServe is the result of acquisitions of companies that already had agreements with HomeServe.

Three partner organizations -- Aqua, United Water and CalWater - have brief video testimonials on the HomeServe web site.

Deb Rizzi, director of communications for United Water said some of United’s operating companies have arrangements where customers are offered HomeServe water plans.

“It works well,” she said. “If there are issues, HomeServe takes steps to resolve them.”

Anthony Donatoni, of Aqua Resources, a non-regulated subsidiary of Aqua Industries, said most Aqua customers with HomeServe plans are satisfied.

“With about 150,000 customers with HomeServe contracts, we average about 10 complaints a year,” said Donatoni. “I personally review every complaint, and I can say customer satisfaction is above 95 percent. Aqua has maintained strict control over the content of information sent to Aqua customers, and they contain no mandates.”

“Reliable, affordable peace of mind,” is a phrase often used in promoting the services offered by HomeServe USA. Depending on the location, for about five dollars a month, homeowners don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing water service lines, provided the cause of the trouble is covered in their HomeServe contracts.

However, based upon information received by Underground Construction, covered and exclusions are difficult to understand, and water line problems may occur months or years after a contract is executed, long-past the 30-day cancellation period.

Meehan said that HomeServe’s water service line coverage basically provides for the emergency repair or replacement of burst, broken, or leaking water service lines on the homeowner’s property that are their responsibility.

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