Hydro Excavation Eases Fiber Optic Cable Installation At Wyoming Oil Storage Facility

October 2008 Vol. 63 No. 10

Hawks said Americom uses its two hydro excavator trucks for a variety of projects, most of which involve sighting underground cabling installations, but also include applications such as excavating footings for towers that carry high voltage power lines and excavating sewer lines and other utility installations. He noted the vacuum technology is appropriate for cleaning spills and controlling excess mud around drilling rigs and other equipment.

“We use the hydro excavators day in and day out. They’re a dependable mainstay of our operations,” said Hawks, who noted the company operates a full fleet of construction equipment, trucks and drilling rigs.

Founded in 1981, Americom Technology is a single source telecommunications construction and installation contractor, providing turnkey design, integration, certification and support for information transport systems including structured cabling, IP telephony, telephone and voicemail networking, as well as wireless and physical pathway solutions. While the company concentrates on serving the Mountain West region, it has worked on projects for public utilities and private companies throughout the country.

Contractor: Americom Technology Inc., (801) 627-3171, www.americomtech.com
Vacuum Excavator: Vactor Manufacturing, (800) 627 3171, www.vactor.com.