ICON’s Slide Rail Systems Offer Versatility For Challenging Projects

August 2012, Vol. 67 No. 8

ICON’s slide rail shoring systems are made of high-yield, Grade 50 steel and are comprised of lineal panels, rails or posts and bracing. This allows contractors to install three or four sided pits and two sided trenches in a variety of excavations and soil conditions. Contractors can choose slide rails in single-, double- or triple-rail designs with either Roller Rail Frames [struts] or Fixed-Position Braces.

Slide rail systems are used for the excavations of sewer lines, water mains, tunnel-access pits or shafts, tank installations, pump or lift stations, wet wells, manholes, junction boxes and many other uses.

ICON’s slide rail system is installed at the same time as a trench or pit is excavated. Installation of the slide rail system starts by excavating the trench to four feet deep. Next, workers install rails and plates to help square up the system. They continue to dig on the inside of the system to remove the excavated soil as needed. More panels and rails are then incrementally added using the “Dig and Push” method until the workers reach the required sub-grade.

“The Dig-and-Push installation method eliminates the need for vibratory hammers and can boost production by more than 50 percent,” says David Crandall, vice president of ICON. “And best of all in these tough times, labor costs will go down by 30 or 40 percent compared to conventional sheeting.”

Other installation benefits of ICON slide rail system includes, but is not limited to, sheeting and shoring around existing or adjacent utilities. Larger structures or pipes that require an unobstructed pit or access bay for a trench can be easily accomplished by allowing the contractor to remove all cross bracing with a technique called rebracing of the system. For large and extremely deep jobs in excess of 30 inches in C60 soils conditions, contractors can make use of our triple slide rail systems. Environmental Remediation projects can be often solved with ICON’s four-way rail system, which allows the contractor to install down the back side of the rail and continue excavating and shoring in all directions without removing the entire system to re-install. 800.836.5011, iconjds.com, icontunnelsystems.com

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