INGAA Locks Horns with PHMSA

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

The oil and gas industry GHG reporting rule the EPA issued last year basically allows use of BAMM up until June 30, 2011. After that date, companies have to use very specific monitoring technologies dictated by the EPA. Companies could use BAMM after June 30 until the end of 2011, but only if the EPA approves an application in which the company proves extreme circumstances, which includes safety concerns. If companies want to use BAMM in 2012 and beyond, they would have to prove extreme and unique circumstances.

Lisa Beal, vice president, environment and construction policy at INGAA, emphasizes that her members have every intention of reporting GHG emissions. But the cost of re-engineering compressor stations, and the time that will take so that direct measurement of vents can be made, will be substantial. Hence the need for some EPA flexibility on deadlines after which BAMM cannot be used.