International Pipeline Construction Report

By Rita Tubb, Managing Editor | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

The proposed Gasoducto Andino del Sur gas pipeline in southern Peru is moving closer to construction. The 1,085-km pipeline would transport gas from central to southern Peru for use in copper mines. The route runs from the Camisea gas fields, located in Cusco, to Juliaca, an Andean city near the Bolivian border.
In Bolivia, pipeline construction is expected to increase with news that YPFB Transport S.A. is planning to invest at least US$141 million in new projects to meet internal demand and exports. YPFB inaugurated the first stretch of the US$172 million, Carrasco-Cochabamba gas pipeline that boosts supply to the west of the country to 130 MMcf/d. The first stretch runs 108 km, and the third stretch - completed last year - runs 65 km. The second and final 78-km stretch is due for completion next year. The company envisions additional expansions with compression stations.

In Venezuela, construction on a $US600 million pipeline project may begin by 2012 following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between PdVSA and Russian oil transport company Transneft. Under the agreement, Transneft will construct the infrastructure to develop the Orinoco oil belt, including a 807-mile pipeline. Transneft plans to build a second 435-mile pipeline from the Juni-6 field in the Orinoco belt, which is set to be developed by a Russian consortium under another agreement with PdVSA.

Several projects are slated in Brazil where plans by Petrobras call for five oil products expansion projects involving 1,432 km of new construction. The project include the: 341-km, 14-inch Curtiba to Londrina pipeline; 10-km, 12-inch Londrina to P Eptácio pipeline; 286-km, 12-inch P Eptácio to Campo Grande pipeline; 44 km, 10-inch Campo Grande to Rondonopólis pipeline; and 171-km, 10-inch Rondonópolis to Cuiaba pipeline. No timeline for construction has been announced.

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