IPBA Active Again; Promotes Pipebursting Benefits

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | August 2010 Vol. 65 No. 8

“Even though the rehabilitation industry has been fairly steady,” he explains, “with the downturn in the economy the volume of pipebursting has also diminished in some areas on a region by region basis. The association is needed to promote the pipebursting technology through unbiased training, education and technical support. It is a way to de-mystify and teach engineers and/or municipalities the limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the technology. It is an organization where the contracting community has the primary obligation of providing a high level of confidence for the technology.

“The IPBA is structured to be independent of any one manufacturer, vendor or contractor. The dissemination of non-biased, independent information about the technology will give the engineers and municipalities a better understanding and a higher comfort level for specifying the use of the pipebursting technology. To further provide information on pipe bursting, IPBA is presenting a Pipebursting – View From the Field education track at the Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT) on January 20, 2011 in Houston.”

NASSCO is a national organization of several hundred members representing rehabilitation industry manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and utility districts, engineers and contracting firms.

IPBA Officers
Current officers of the IPBA are:
Chairman, Brian Metcalf, Hammerhead Trenchless Equipment
Vice Chairman, George Mallakis, TT Technologies
Secretary/Treasurer, Jarrett Cowden, Hammerhead Trenchless Equipment
Past Chairman, Collins Orton, TT Technologies
NASSCO Advisor, Gerry Muenchmeyer, P.E., Muenchmeyer Associates

International Pipe Bursting Association, (410) 486-3500, www.nassco.org

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