ISCO’s Snap-Tite Receives Texas Multiple Award Schedule Contract

June 2011 Vol. 66 No. 6

Louisville, KY-based ISCO Industries was recently awarded a Texas Multiple Award Schedule contract for its culvert lining solution, Snap-Tite. The contract refers to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Snap-Tite pipe of various standard diameter sizes, as well as Snap-Tite oval pipe for relining misshaped or oval culverts.

As part of the contract, state and local governments will now have an option to search and purchase Snap-Tite products through the Texas Comptroller’s TxSmartBuy online ordering system at The site offers searching and ordering capabilities to state and local government purchasers to buy goods and services online in relation to many State of Texas contracts, all within an easy-to-use format.

“The TxSmartBuy site will allow state and local government employees to order Snap-Tite online by simply selecting the desired OD size and the quantity of linear feet that they will need,” said Trevor Cone, Snap-Tite regional sales manager. “The system makes purchasing the pipe much more efficient by streamlining the entire procurement process.”

The Snap-Tite pipe sizes offered online through the contract will include diameters from 10 to 63 inches. In addition, eight standard oval Snap-Tite pipe sizes will also be available on TxSmartBuy ranging from 28-inch by 20-inch to 74-inch by 52-inch pipe.

The HDPE Snap-Tite culvert-lining pipe, which has a patented male/female machining at each end of the HDPE, allows it to be snapped together, piece-by-piece, and pushed into the full length of an existing pipe. It is available in lengths from two to 50 feet, and is available for culverts with diameters up to 84 inches. Snap-Tite also meets American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standard M326 for rehabilitating culverts. 281.635.3524,

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