ISCO Industries Turns 50

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | September 2012, Vol. 67 No. 9

His close association with Kirchdorfer, Sr. began when he worked for Phillips when they visited engineering offices to discuss the merits of Driscopipe. Their unique working relationship included an agreement that if they had any problem with each other, they would sit down and discuss it, but that never happened according to Fletcher. He describes the late Kirchdorfer, Sr. as “one of the fairest men I [have] ever met.”

Expanding ISCO’s reach
Kirchdorfer, Sr. continued to reinvest the company’s successes back into ISCO and developed a fleet of fusion equipment for sale and lease to local contractors.

“With all this investment in the 1980s, ISCO was on the cutting-edge of bringing HDPE pipe to new markets and becoming a leader in fabrication and fusion equipment,” Jimmy says. “Fusion equipment, after all, goes hand-in-hand with HDPE pipe, making it a critical part of underground construction projects. Fusing HDPE pipe eliminates the need for mechanical joints in most cases as the fusion process creates a joint through heat fusion that turns the HDPE pipe pieces into one continuous, monolithic pipe. This helps speed up installations that might have had to rely on pipe that uses mechanical joints and is far more rigid and less flexible than HDPE pipe.”

In the 1990s and 2000s, ISCO made several acquisitions that provided ISCO with key people, who had knowledge of various markets and geographies, as well as new facilities.

Mark Kirchdorfer went on to explain that as ISCO expands into more markets and areas as the demand for their products and services grow, their commitment to quality is a mainstay.

“ISCO is not just a distributor of HDPE pipe and fusion equipment,” Mark says. “We also manufacture products for HDPE pipe, such as fittings, custom spool pieces, manholes, geothermal Circuit Maker Vaults, Snap-Tite culvert lining pipe and more.

“We also hold several certifications for quality, such as: Factory Mutual (FM) approval for fabricated fittings; the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) nuclear related stamps and certifications, which include the NPT and NA stamps and a Quality System Certificate (QSC); and most recently the ISO 9001:2008 certification for our quality management system.”

Jimmy also noted that due to the hard work and efforts of ISCO’s quality team, ISCO is the first and only HDPE pipe company to have all three of the ASME N-type stamps.

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