ISCO Industries Turns 50

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | September 2012, Vol. 67 No. 9

Celebration of company success is another way management builds its team.

Jimmy says, “We also have a new theme each year that we incorporate into our culture. For example, in 2008, we had a theme called The Bases are Loaded, which basically referred to the fact that we had the three bases loaded, the people, the facilities and the systems in place for future growth. We brought in everyone from the company to Louisville that year to celebrate the fact that we had all these things in place. As a result of having the “bases loaded”, we had a record year.”

Another aspect of ISCO that makes the company special is ISCO’s culture, which is one of respect, explains Jimmy. “We have a “no jerks allowed” rule in the sense that we work as a team; everything is a team effort, so self-entitlement just doesn’t fit within our company culture. We want to provide future opportunities for all members of the ISCO team. Our company culture resides in each employee, no matter what the employee’s title. It is not dictated from management nor created by marketing. It is the soul of our company. Sustaining our culture is imperative to our success. We’ve all seen companies neglect their roots and they decline as they vary from the culture that helped create their success.”

Rick Zipp, ISCO’s first full-time employee, began his career with the company in 1979 in the fabrication shop at Baxter. He currently works at ISCO’s Louisville-Riverport manufacturing facility. According to Zipp, “being surrounded by good people is what makes ISCO so special.”

Rick Zipp_longest ISCO employee_old Lou location.jpg

His visits to company locations afford him the opportunity to work with various people who he describes as hard working and respectful.

“When I started [working at] ISCO, I immediately had a sense that this company would grow and I liked the people. I never expected the company to grow as much as it did, but I knew that if it grew, it would provide a lot of opportunities for me.”

Fletcher agrees that the main reasons he’s stayed with the company for so many years are due to management and the family atmosphere they encourage. “ISCO always provided us with the tools and the support to get our jobs done. You don’t have to go outside of the company to find the support that you need; they always have it available for you. I never had a reason to leave because it is a great family to for work for, and to work with.”

Let’s celebrate!
Recognition for commitment to quality service and products, and hard work, has paid off for ISCO with several honors and achievements.

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