January New Products

January 2010 Vol. 65 No. 1
Bobcat's new soil conditioner and disc harrow Category 1 three-point hitch implements.

New products from Bobcat, GSSI, Spectronics, GF Piping Systems, Volvo and ISCO.

Soil preparation is now easier for owners of compact tractors or the Toolcat 5610 utility work machine with the release of the new soil conditioner and disc harrow Category 1 three-point hitch implements. Bobcat offers two three-point soil conditioners in working widths of 60 and 72 inches. The drum of the soil conditioner is powered by the rear PTO on the compact tractor or Toolcat 5610. Bobcat soil conditioners come with removable end plates that make the implement a versatile tool. Three-point disc harrows can easily break up the soil surface. 866.823.7898, www.bobcat.com/attachments


The newly enhanced UtilityScan locating system features: a water resistant XLPE capsule, durable PE plastic framework, 16-inch wheels for rough terrain, internal survey wheel encoder, and collapsible construction for easy transport. The new UtilityScan is compatible with five antennas, offering depth penetration from 10 inches to 18 feet. 800.524.3011, www.geophysical.com

Spectronics Corp.

Spectronics_2009 NDT Catalog COVER.jpg

A new 32-page catalog from Spectronics details a wide variety of black light (UV-A) and blue light inspection lamps that detect and identify surface and subsurface flaws. These products are used for nondestructive testing practices such as visual inspection, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. The catalog contains information on UV-A inspection lamps and super-high intensity UV HID lamps. The new OPTIMAX 450 and TRITAN 450 blue light sources are ideal for quick pre-inspection or screening of fluorescent particles in operating conditions with ambient light. The OPTIMAX 450 is a lightweight, cordless, rechargeable flashlight with a thin-film dichroic filter lens that improves contrast and fluorescent response. The TRITAN 450 lamp provides wide area coverage and allows easy access into tight areas. The AccuMAX digital radiometers measure UV-A intensity and visible light output. 800.274.8888, www.spectroline.com

GF Piping Systems
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