JEA Takes Lead In Proactive Sewer, Water Maintenance

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9

Kelly said trenchless construction allows replacement of underground pipe with minimal disruption of the surrounding community and environment. It also is more efficient than the traditional open cut method. By using trenchless methods such as pipebursting and CIPP, JEA has improved sewer service to more than 18,000 customers with minimal disruption.

Other elements for sustaining JEA's sanitary sewer system include air release valve testing, SCADA enhancements, methods of determining and marking flow direction in gravity flow mains, and programs to limit grease related SSOs.

Kelley advises that companies considering using Six Sigma should understand one thing: you can't buy Six Sigma.

"You must buy into Six Sigma," he explained. "The buy in must begin at the highest levels of the organization. Change and improvement do not normally occur by chance. Companies get better and stronger because people make a commitment to improve quality and the business processes that deliver it. Executive leaders must recognize that difficult and complex problems often have multiple root causes and are not often solved overnight.

"Six Sigma is a philosophy that involves setting stretch goals and continuing to improve processes and move performance closer to perfection."


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