Jetter Pipe Cleaning Video Provides Essential Information

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2011, Vol. 66 No. 10

“Specifically,” he added, “we saw a need for dissemination of this pipe cleaning information, and NASSCO made a major commitment to the production of this extensive video in order to focus on best practices for cleaning and jetter usage.

Group effort
The video script was written in a cooperative effort by representatives of Jack Doheny Companies, Vactor, Vac-Con, Nozzteq, Compliance EnviroSystems, Visu-Sewer, Hoffman Southwest and Doetsch Environmental. Introduction and closing statements are delivered by DeBoda. Jon Schladweiler, curator of the historical section at UCT’s RehabZone, contributed historic data and images.

Joy said the video was funded primarily by sponsorships. Vac-Con, Jack Doheny Companies, and Vactor, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp., each contributing $10,000 platinum sponsorships and Nozzteq was a gold sponsor. Numerous companies and organizations provided support at the silver sponsorship level.

Taping locations for the video production were in Twinsburg, OH, and Lafayette, LA.

In addition to Chairperson Joy, of New Phase Marketing; members of the NASSCO committee overseeing the video project were John Nelson, Visu-Sewer; Brad Dutruch, Compliance EnviroSystems; and Mark Metcalfe, Hoffman Southwest.

NASSCO, (410) 486-3500,

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