John Deere 644K Hybrid Loader

August 2013, Vol. 68 No. 8

Whether your operators are jobsite veterans or just getting their boots dirty, the 644K Hybrid Loader will make them more productive and efficient.

At an operating weight of 40,436-42,106 pounds, the 644K Hybrid boasts an Interim Tier 4-emission certified 229-hp diesel engine that runs at a constant 900, 1,200, 1,500 or 1,800 rpm. Bucket capacity is 4.25 cubic yards and breakout force is 30,419-34,039 pounds. And it consumes an average of 25 percent less fuel than John Deere’s conventional 644K Loader with lockup torque converter.

Hybrid-electric drive smoothly and efficiently recaptures energy to slow the loader when the operator lets off the accelerator. This lessens the load on the engine and reduces fuel consumption. A brushless generator provides electrical energy to the power electronics but can also be driven to use recycled energy to hydraulics and save fuel. And a brushless motor replaces the job of the torque converter but can also work as a generator to recycle energy back into the system.

The spacious cab provides plenty of room to stow your stuff, including a cooler compartment and beverage holder. Brake and throttle pedals have been repositioned and the front console redesigned to make way for more legroom, comfort and visibility. Standard air-ride armchair seat adjusts multiple ways for extra comfort and cushioning over rough terrain. Premium high/wide-back heated seat with leather inserts is available. At 1,800 rpm, in-cab sound levels are just 68 dBa. And because the engine runs at a constant speed, bystander noise is also less noticeable.

Controls are integrated into the seat for improved operator interface, controllability, and reduced fatigue. Joystick FNR selector provides convenient direction and full-range gear changes. Both include innovative quick-shift feature for push-button gear changes, one gear at a time. Speed-sensitive, low-effort joystick steering reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. Joystick steering is ideal for V-pattern truck loading. Standard on the 844K and available on the other K-Series models, it adapts to ground speed to deliver smooth low-effort control. Even during load-and-carry. The new steering tower pivots at the floor and makes entering and exiting the cab far easier. Not to mention the additional 3.5 inches of legroom for added comfort.