July Newsline: EPA Rules to Reduce Effects of SSOs, DC Solving CSOs and More--Plus Web Exclusives

July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7

Because federal stimulus money is involved, the deal must be concluded by the end of 2010. However, the mayor is facing opposition from the council and others on the transfer who believe the sale would put too much control of a public asset in the hands of a private sector. The proposal awaits City-County Council approval when it goes to a full council vote. Results of that meeting were not disclosed as of this writing.

Kansas City set to reduce sewer overflow
Kansas City, MO, will begin the first phase of a massive project to relieve flooding that spills sewer and stormwater into surrounding creeks and basements.

The 25-year sewer project is expected to cut the overflow of raw sewage from nearly 6.5 billion gallons a year to less than half a billion. The improvements will include separating sewer and storm water pipes, adding larger pipes, rerouting flows and building tunnels.

The project will cost around $2.5 billion. Customers will see rate increased to help pay for the maintenance – the first such increase started in May.

Harris County to receive funds for water/wastewater system upgrades
The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) approved a loan for $5,000,000 from the Texas Water Development Fund to Texas’ Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 21 to finance water and wastewater system improvements.

The funds will be used to relocate and improve three lift stations, install new pumps at the wastewater treatment plant influent lift station and replace approximately 23,500 linear feet of water line.

Pipe demand brings new steel mill
The Marcellus Shale gas and oil development is being credited with stimulating the first new steel mill in Youngstown, OH, in decades. The V&M Star Mill will cost $650 million and will be built to supply small diameter steel pipe for the Marcellus Shale exploration. Initial production at the mill will be 650,000 tonnes (715,000 tons) annually, with the capacity of 500,000 tonnes (550,000 tons). U.S taxes on Chinese steel contributed to the decision to build the new mill in Ohio.

Henkels & McCoy awarded contract
Henkels & McCoy Inc. has been awarded a contract by Energy Transfers Partners to install approximately 78 miles of 42-inch pipeline in Panola County, TX, and Caddo, DeSoto, Red River and Bienville Parishes, LA. Headquarters in unknown at this time. The superintendents are Nick Walters and Gary Harbison. The starting date was June 1.

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BJM pump
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