July Newsline: Steelmakers take on China; Bobcat plants idle; new AWWA publication

July 2009 Vol. 64 No. 7
AEM Construction Challenge winners

Cerda has more than 16 years experience in water and wastewater systems. She has served as project manager/engineer for over 100 inflow/infiltration and sanitary sewer evaluation studies with extensive experience in applying and specifying system monitoring and rehabilitation technologies. She has managed the rehabilitation of over 600,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer pipe using trenchless processes such as fold-n-form, t-lock lining, cured-in-place, sliplining, pipe bursting and boring. In addition, she has identified rehabilitation needs through the inspection of pipeline systems and written technical specifications for the installation and testing of wastewater pipe and manhole rehabilitation methods.

Cerda is recognized by many for her technical expertise and a personal commitment to educating and protecting human health and the environment in the collection and transportation of wastewater.

Stimulus dollars needed to expand broadband in Massachusetts

Sharon Gillett, the director of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, said there is interest by the business community in providing high-speed Internet to unserved areas in western Massachusetts, and she hopes to use federal stimulus dollars to make it happen soon.

State Commissioner of Telecommunications and Cable Sharon Gillett is now charged with leading the state’s efforts to build partnerships with private Internet service providers to expand broadband access to every community in the state, as well as unserved portions of communities that have partial high-speed access. The institute will also coordinate the state’s efforts to win millions of dollars in stimulus funds for broadband expansion, which will need to move quickly to meet federal use-it or lose-it provisions.

There are 10 towns, six in Berkshire County and four in Franklin County, that have no access to high-speed Internet, and 58 more that are only partially serviced by broadband providers.

Accompanying the mandate was $40 million in state bonding authority to build high-speed infrastructure — for either underground fiber-optic or coaxial cable for land line service, or routers and other boxes for wireless systems — in conjunction with private operators and service providers. This money has yet to be released, however, and ownership of the new infrastructure is up for debate.

Some of the work to expand service in unserved areas has already taken place. Verizon Communications Inc. finished a rollout of broadband DSL Internet in 24 unserved communities in October 2008.

Texas Hurricane Conference planned

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