July Newsline: Steelmakers take on China; Bobcat plants idle; new AWWA publication

July 2009 Vol. 64 No. 7
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  • Monitor their systems for sewage overflows by using a management program or technology that will alert them of sewer overflows in a timely manner;
  • Notify the public, public health officials and other affected downstream entities, including drinking water suppliers, of any sewer overflows that endanger human health;
  • Report to the state or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) all sewer overflows as soon as possible and follow-up with a written report explaining the duration and volume of the overflow and steps taken to mitigate the overflow; and
  • Make monitoring and notification eligible for funding via the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

According to the EPA, between 1.8 and 3.5 million Americans become ill every year from recreational contact with waters contaminated by sanitary sewer overflows.
Currently, there is no consistent monitoring, reporting and public notification requirement for sewer overflows.

Top 100 U.S. infrastructure projects announced

CG/LA Infrastructure LLC, a company in the infrastructure project identification and development market, announced the release of the Top 100 U.S. Strategic Infrastructure Projects. The total estimated value of the projects is nearly $465 billion, the investments for which will be spread over an average of five years. Total direct and indirect job creation over the period will be nearly 10 million full-time employment positions.

The Top 100 projects were identified as possessing three specific criteria: (1) strong probability of going forward in the next 12 months; (2) critical as building blocks for U.S. competitiveness; and (3) strong relevance to the Obama government’s ‘connect the dots’ infrastructure priorities.

The sectors highlighted were: Smart Grid, new infrastructure and traditional infrastructure. Among some of the projects listed are the Midwest's Green Power Express project; eights renewable energy projects ($15.3B), including wind, solar and energy efficiency, the largest of which is T. Boone Picken’s Pampa project; six high speed passenger rail projects ($109.4B), lead by the San Francisco/Los Angeles and Midwest Rail Initiative; and 18 urban mass transit projects ($44.4B) including Michigan’s Regional Rail Link and Northern Virginia's Dulles Access Corridor project; 17 projects in surface transportation ($58.3B); four projects in traditional electricity generation ($21.4 B); nine projects in natural gas, including pipelines, LNG terminals and exploration ($55.1B); and 14 projects in the infrastructure of water/wastewater ($19B).

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