July Water Works News: New Curriculum at Marquette Law; Loma Linda Adopts Neutrality in LAFCO 3076 Consolidation

July 2009 Vol. 64 No. 7

The Middle Chattahoochee, Upper Flint and Lower Flint-Ochlockonee regions are located adjacently in the west and southwest portions of the state, and they include 38 of Georgia’s 159 counties – approximately 24 percent – and two of the state’s largest metropolitan areas: Columbus and Albany. The regions also include three of the state’s 14 major river systems, four lakes or reservoirs and several groundwater aquifer systems.
Quarterly drafts of the WDCPs will be prepared later this year followed by a review of water management practices. By mid-2011, the Georgia EPD will seek to adopt the finalized regional plans for implementation.