Keyhole Technology: Equipment Spotlight

February 2014, Vol. 69 No. 2
Utilicor Technologies' Multi-Platform Coring Unit

SIMCO Drilling Equipment
For efficient, reliable pavement coring, the SIMCO 255 PTC is able to drill in difficult to access areas. It can core through all types of pavement from 2 to 18 inches in diameter. Specifically, the drillhead torque for 2- to 12-inch cores is 200 foot-pounds and for 8- to 18-inch cores it is 500 foot-pounds; drillhead RPMs are 1,000 rpm (2-12 inch cores) and 425 rpm (8-18 inch cores). Pullback is rated at 14,700 pounds with push down at 10,200 pounds. The drillhead travel net stroke is 42 inches. 800.338.9925,