Large Diameter Sliplining Works To Rehabilitate Aging Interceptor Sewers In Albuquerque

By Michael Rocco, Trenchless Manager, AUI Inc. | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3

CIPP was used to rehabilitate some RCP lines. This 48-inch sewer line was 100 percent bypassed with back-up pumps in order to allow the CIPP process to proceed. The 48-inch sewer line snaked through backyards of residences and businesses. One manhole was located on a homeowner’s property.

The successful trenchless methods used to rehabilitate Albuquerque’s aging interceptor sewer lines included more than 18,000 linear feet of both sliplining and CIPP. Today, the project is complete, the lines are grouted, connections made and it is providing trouble-free service.

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