Little Beaver Horizontal Boring Kits

October 2013, Vol. 68 No. 10

Boring may begin once the user has assembled the kit’s pieces and dug a starter trench. Users should have as much water pipe as necessary for the job plus an additional 15 feet to create a bow between the water pipe in the starter trench and the drill. For example, a 45-foot long bore will be made with 60 feet of water pipe. The bow provides users with a direct angle to smoothly drive the drill through the soil while standing, similar to the wiggle joint extension in the sidewalk auger kit. Water runs from the garden hose or pump to the Wet Drilling Kit, starting with the water swivel and the water pipe, and then out the end of the drill bit. The action of the flowing water flushes the cuttings from the hole to make a complete bore parallel to the pavement above. 800.227.7515,