Live Demos Help Make "Best Ever" RehabZone

March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
A Rehab Zone demonstration from LMK.

"This time they've outdone themselves!" a UCT attendee told another as the two exited the RehabZone following the first round of standing room only demonstrations on the opening day of the 2010 UCT show in Tampa, FL.

It was a comment often repeated throughout the three day event.

For the first time, the RehabZone included live demonstrations of several rehabilitation technologies. The demonstrations, along with a new entry and refinements to displays, set the 2010 RehabZone apart from previous versions of this educational area focusing on water and sewer rehabilitation technologies.

Since 2002, the RehabZone has been a "show within a show" at the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exposition (UCT), providing information about water and sewer rehabilitation technologies with no reference to product brands.

The 'Zone has grown in popularity over the years, and its exhibits and displays have evolved and improved to be more visitor friendly and to include new technological developments.

However, the key to its success, organizers say, is maintaining the strict "no selling" format in which competing companies cooperate to present generic information about rehabilitation technologies and the products and services they employ.

New page
"This year, the RehabZone turned a new page in educating our industry on trenchless technologies," said Larry Kiest, 2010 RehabZone chairperson. "Audiences for the hands on demonstrations were seated on three-tiered, 40 foot long bleacher sections and participated in an exchange of information during question and answer periods. The demonstrations included chemical grouting, robotic cutters, cured in place pipe, lateral lining and connection sealing, automated CCTV and laser profiling. It is our goal to continue to bring education and awareness of new emerging technologies to our industry and raise the bar for successful pipeline rehabilitation in conjunction with proven practices and specifications."

Companies sponsoring the demonstrations were Aries, Logiball, Avanti, RedZone, LMK Enterprises, Cues, Cosmic Tophat and Maxliner.

The entry of the zone was framed by clear plastic pipe with 90 degree fittings. Periodically inverted CIPP liner advanced and retracted through the pipe. Once inside, the first stop was the Arizona Water Association=s Historic Sewer and Pipe Artifacts Exhibit documenting the history of pipes, tools and equipment. The exhibit has become a fixture of the RehabZone and one of its most popular attractions.

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