M. Dan Murphy Elected President At PLCA’s 64th Annual Convention

By Oliver Klinger, Publisher | April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4
2011 PLCA President Chris Leines and his wife, Wendy, of Minnesota Limited LLC.

This year’s semi-annual auction raised $600,000 for the scholarship fund. A significant last-minute donation was made by Charles Price in memory of Tom White of Price Gregory International, who recently passed away. Twenty scholarship recipients were announced at the meeting.

New officers
Officers and directors elected at the meeting to serve during 2012 are: President M. Daniel Murphy of Precision Pipeline LLC; 1st vice president John Allen, Pipe Line Constructors LLC; 2nd vice president Ronnie Wise, Price Gregory International Inc.; and treasurer Frank Welch, Rockford Corporation. J. Patrick Tielborg continues as PLCA managing director and general counsel. The PLCA office is located in Dallas.

Directors for 2012 are Bernie Bermack, Associated Pipe Line Contractors Inc.; Robert I. “Bob” Johnston, Henkels & McCoy Inc.; Dwayne Osadchuk, OZ Directional Drilling; Don Thorn, Welded Construction L.P.; Jimmy L. Crotts, Appalachian Pipeline Contractors LLP; Robert C. Osborn, Michels Corporation; Robert A. Riess, Sr., Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Co.; Scott E. Summers, ARB Inc.; and Brian Ganske, Snelson Companies Inc.

Pipe Line Contractors Association 2012 Board of Directors. From back upper left: Robert Riess, Sr., Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Co.; Don Thorn, Welded Construction, L.P.; Robert “Bob” Johnston, Henkels & McCoy, Inc.; Dwayne Osadchuk, Oz Directional Drilling; Brian Ganske, Snelson Companies, Inc.; Robert Osborn, Michels Corporation; Jimmy Crotts, Appalachian Pipeline Contractors, LLP; Frank Welch, Rockford Corporation. Bottom row: Bernie Bermack, Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.; John Allen, Pipe Line Constructors, LLC; Daniel Murphy (President), Precision Pipeline LLC; Ronnie Wise, Price Gregory International, Inc. and Chris Leines, Minnesota Limited LLC.(Missing: Scott Summers, ARB, Inc.) (Photo courtesy of Ben Arnold)

The 2013 convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ, from Feb. 12-16.

Pipe Line Contractors Association: (214) 969-2700, www.plca.org.