Maine Moves Ahead On CSO Projects

Lewiston's Most Difficult Job Faced Multiple Problems
January 2014, Vol. 69 No. 1

"Originally this project went out to bid with concrete pipe for the projects storm drainage piping and SDR-35 for the new sanitary sewer piping," Beaule continued. "ADS came to the pre-bid meeting and educated us on the benefits of utilizing the SaniTite HP after the great results Portland, ME, has had plus an economic advantage and installation benefits. With this, SaniTite HP was allowed as an alternate and we ended up going with it for the project as the contractor bids came in. It turned out to be a really versatile pipe because it could be ordered pretty much any way we needed it, including lengths and fittings at virtually any angle."

Neighborly advice

A CSO Separation project in nearby Portland helped Lewiston gain comfort with the SaniTite HP pipe. The project used the 60-inch diameter, high performance polypropylene pipe to increase conveyance capacity, replacing a smaller 100-year old vitrified clay line. The new line separated a parallel 10-foot diameter combined sewer, which now solely conveys storm water. Completed in October 2010 after just five months of construction, the Portland CSO abatement project used some 5,600 feet of 60-inch SaniTite HP pipe. The $4-million project resulted in a single larger diameter pipeline to eliminate combined sewer overflows at Capisic Pond Dam and stop untreated wastewater from flowing into the Fore River Estuary.

"The common thread is that both the Portland and Lewiston CSO projects were difficult jobs," said Bob Pelletier of E. J. Prescott (Gardner, Maine), which provided the materials for both. "Basically, the Portland water/sewer separation and the project here in Lewiston found the ease of handling and assembling of the products made a big difference as far as cost savings in installation as opposed to concrete pipe.

SaniTite HP pipe available in 30- to 60-inch (750-1500mm) diameters with triple-wall profile construction meets ASTM F2764 specification requirements. It also provides a watertight joint, exceeding the requirements of ASTM D3212 with a dual-gasketed spigot design, and banded reinforced bells. The smaller SaniTite HP diameters, 15 to 18-inches, that were used for new sanitary sewer applications, meet ASTM F2736 specification requirements and are made with dual-wall construction to provide performance ratings that exceed all of today’s industry standards for gravity flow sanitary sewers.

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BJM pump
BJM Pump

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