Major CA Bursting Project Proves Very Cost-Effective

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2013, Vol. 68 No. 10
Assisting pipe insertion to dive under and clear a water service while pipe bursting eight-inch vitrified clay pipe

Reflecting on the completed project, Honish said the design concept was fairly straight forward. However, one of the most difficult aspects of planning the project was obtaining the approval of various county agencies to proceed with construction. Another challenge was obtaining accurate, reliable underground data and records to ensure that the trenchless work would not interfere or disrupt any other existing subsurface utilities or improvements. In addition, detailed soil analysis was required to ensure that the bursting wouldn’t “heave” the street or disrupt other utilities.

“There is no one construction method to maintain and upgrade sanitary sewer systems,” she concluded. “I would say trenchless technologies should be given serious consideration when that application meets a project need. Trenchless often can be a major headache saver by not having an open trench through intersections with the resultant traffic congestion and safety issues, and by not closing commercial driveways, access points reduced surface damage, restoration costs, et cetera.

“When the opportunity to use trenchless construction presents itself, it is essential to work with qualified consultants and contractors to achieve the desired results.”

Mocon Trenchless is a pipeline rehabilitation contractor serving the western United States and specializing in rehabilitation of wastewater, stormwater and potable water pipelines. In addition to pipe bursting, Mocon is experienced in pipe ramming and pilot tube microtunneling.

Covina is approximately 20 miles east of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley and has a population of about 49,000. The city’s sanitary sewer system includes approximately 121 miles of piping infrastructure and one lift station. The system services 12,000 parcels of land accommodating residences, businesses and institutions.


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