Major Upgrades To HTI Products

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2014, Vol. 69 No. 3

“With this capability,” English continued, “drilling contractors benefit by supplying clients the information they need instantly after each phase of the project. In the pre-planning stages of any HDD installation, this can reduce the turnaround time for project approval.”

Upon the completion of a drilled installation, Cad also can assist in quickly and efficiently finalizing an as-built, whether it is a wireline or walkover installation.

DataTrax guidance systems also can monitor annular pressure.

“The newest steering tool can monitor drill pipe pressure at the bit,” continued English. “The difference is that HTI steering tools have the ability to read both annular and drill pipe pressure. By reading drill pipe pressure at the bit the user can monitor differential pressure, improving motor performance and productivity.”

DataTrax as DataTrax Cad will be phased in as users update their programs, said English.

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