Major Wisconsin Project Succeeds Despite Constricted Conditions

November 2009 Vol. 64 No. 11
The first stage of the joint trench construction: iinstalling an electric conduit system under University Avenue in Madison, WI.

Gas distribution
MGE took out of service and pressure tested approximately 6,000 feet of 12 inch steel gas main starting near a 150 megawatt co-generation power plant co owned by MGE and the University of Wisconsin. The main runs along a rail corridor finishing near the university's football stadium called Camp Randall.

This main had been operating at 175 PSI since installed in 1970. The existing line was tested to 600 PSI and then pressurized to 400 PSI to use it as a feed for the new 12 inch steel main installed along the University Avenue corridor. KS Energy then tied into the existing 12 inch steel gas main and installed operator monitor regulator stations to reduce the pressure from 400 PSI to 175 PSI. This maintains MGE's feed to its 175 PSI system. KS Energy then installed the new 12 inch .375 wall steel gas main starting from the newly uprated 12 inch 400 PSI gas main.

Electric distribution, transmission
MGE Electric Distribution designed and constructed 2,600 feet of 15 duct, 5 inch concrete encased PVC duct and eight precast manholes. The electric system installation was designed to avoid municipal utility conflicts. Specific orientation and spacing of the electric distribution package and the transmission carrier pipe was necessary to ensure that thermal loading (heat dissipation) concerns were addressed. MGE used FTB to address this concern and to ensure timely backfilling and quality compaction.

ATC installed approximately 6,000 feet of 8 inch steel pipe and three manholes as provisions for future installation of a 138 kilovolt transmission cable. ATC identified the project as a future need, and by installing the pipe early, while the street was under construction, saved approximately 50 percent on the cost of the project. A high pressure, fluid filled design was used to avoid conflicts with existing underground transmission infrastructure in the area.

"The University Avenue reconstruction was one of the most difficult projects in the history of KS Energy Services," Klumb said. "We successfully met the deadline due to the detailed planning and coordination that made this a team effort. From the top down, there was cooperation from the engineers, surveyors, supply chain, construction companies, utilities and other partners."

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