Making The Grade: Smart A mixes teaching with testing at Grouting Fundamentals field day

August 2012, Vol. 67 No. 8

In addition to its Cemix high-speed, high-sheer colloidal mixer and Cemag agitation tank, the Unigrout Smart A includes a Dosac control panel, two grout pump options and a Logac monitoring and logging unit. It is driven by a hydraulic power plant, such as a diesel-powered Atlas Copco Pug 45 D.

The plant may be operated in either fully automatic or manual mode. Upon start-up, water is injected into the Cemix and the high speed, high shear colloidal mixer starts. As soon as load sensors determine the correct weight of water is in the container, a separate circuit starts the cement silo’s auger feed. The silo is vibrated as cement is being fed into the tank, which guards against compaction, ensuring uniform consistency of the powder.

When the programmed mixing time is reached, the unit automatically transfers the batch to the Cemag agitank. The Cemag holds twice the volume of the Cemix, so it is possible to have up to three batches ready for pumping with only one agitank. Additional agitanks can be added to keep larger volumes and different batches available as needed.

The Unigrout Smart A uses one control box to operate either of its two pumps: a progressive cavity pump or the Pumpac piston pump.

The Logac grouting monitor and logging system may be used with any Unigrout grouting plant, but it comes as a standard feature of the Smart A. Set to grouting, Logac will record pressure, flow, and cumulative volume for each grouted hole by hole number.