MAOP Addressed At Mears Seminar

By Alan Eastman, Mears Group | January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1

Kevin Garrity presented preliminary results of the research project to assess detection capabilities of indirect inspection tools in compressor, regulator and metering stations.

TCAT system
Mears introduced “The Corrosion Analysis Tool (TCAT)” at the seminar. TCAT is a unified management system for the collection of direct examination (bellhole) inspection data, the associated images and performing remaining strength analyses. TCAT offers enhanced data quality and management, GIS integration, enhanced efficiency and real time data access for clients.

The hardware consists of a tablet computer and a GPS enabled eight mega-pixel camera. The tablet and camera are resistant to water, dust and shock. The data collection and viewing software can be customized for individual Clients. In the field the software performs automatic data checks and alerts the technician to data errors, and missing data or required photos. TCAT interfaces with pit depth tools and ultrasonic thickness instruments for immediate data input. The corrosion grids interface with KAPA (The program that runs RStreng which determines the remaining strength of a corroded area) to provide failure pressure calculations as soon as the corrosion mapping is completed. As data is collected, it is sent to a Mears secure server that can be remotely accessed by clients. A full rollout of the pipeline software will occur in 2012.


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