Marker Ball Technology Helps Prevent Excavation Damage

January 2013, Vol. 68, No. 1

GTI continues to extend the RFID marker ball technology through the development of advanced mapping techniques using smart phone applications that enable operators to record the location of new marker balls, while geospatially attaching the balls to a specific asset in the GIS. A pilot project with PECO Energy to map marker ball installations using high accuracy GPS with GIS-enabled software running on Android tablets was recently completed with successful outcomes. Pilot projects with two other natural gas utility companies are on-going.

Ron Snedic, president of OTD, noted, “OTD strives to provide the industry with tools that will improve safety and enhance integrity management. The results of the pilot project validated that marker ball technology can provide a low-cost method that overcomes many of the traditional barriers to accurate utility locating, and we anticipate many more success stories about the technology as its use becomes more widespread.”