Massive Spincast Culvert Rehab For INDOT

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2012, Vol. 67 No. 9

The final product should have the same life as a concrete pipe section of similar diameter and thickness, said Bates. The new pipe is 100 percent environmentally sound, waterproof, fully sealed from end to end, and provides highly-effective corrosion protection that can double the life of the pipe.

First project
Bates said the first INDOT culvert rehabilitated with the Centri-Pipe process was a 128 by 83-inch (102-inch round equivalent) pipe completed in approximately 2½ weeks of work, including establishment of the bypass pump system, cleaning and pressure washing of the host pipe, application of 1.6 inches of PL-8,000 material and general clean-up. Other structures using the CCCP process are expected to require approximately the same amount of time.

“We are pleased to be the company that used this product for the first time in the state,” said Bates. “At this time, the three liners in the original contract represent the largest CMP pipes relined by CCCP spincasting technology in the U.S. We have completed one other culvert project with CCCP on Interstate 70 outside Indianapolis, and we are scheduled to use the process to rehabilitate a 117- by 79-inch (102 equivalent round) culvert on SR (State Road) 160 in Southeastern Indiana later in the year.”

Bates estimates that by the end of the year, Indiana Reline will have completed approximately 15 CMP culverts in the state.

Depending on size and shape and condition of pipe, open end requirements and hydraulic capacity, other culverts in the basic contract are being rehabilitated by HDPE sliplining, CIPP and deformed HDPE sliplining using specialized hydraulic equipment to compress circular HDPE liner to an oval shape.

Indiana Reline was incorporated in 2000 and initially specialized in sliplining and cellular grouting. Today the company is one of the largest sliplining contractors in the Midwest, providing design services, construction and on-site technical support. In addition to sliplining and grouting, the company offers pipe bursting and pipe ramming services, HDPE fabrication, PVC segmented lining, centrifugally cast concrete pipe lining, hand-mine tunneling and lake and spillway rehabilitation. Indiana Reline is based in Sulphur Springs, IN.

Centri-Pipe manufacturer Action Products Marketing AP/M, Johnston, IA, began rehabilitating manholes in 1985 with its patented Permaform system and developed the high-strength, cast-in-place sealing and Centri-Pipe technology employing Permacast specialty mortars.

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