MaxLiner Featured On Ask This Old House

July 2012, Vol. 67, No. 7

The team began by cleaning out the damaged lateral sewer pipes, preparing for the rehabilitation. The pliable three-inch Wovoliner tube was then saturated with MaxPox, a styrene-free, non-shrink epoxy resin and hardener. Next, using the MaxLinerGun, the tube was inverted with air pressure into the existing, cleaned-out sewer pipe. Finally, an inflatable bladder was placed inside the liner, filled with cold water and expanded fully until the liner fit tightly against the existing pipe walls.

After two hours of curing with hot water, this new “pipe within a pipe” resulted in a rehabilitated lateral that will resist future root growth and damage with reliable, long-term structural integrity.

As the first CIPP system to receive code-compliancy from the International Code Council (ICC-ES), MaxLiner makes it easier than ever for installers to renew not only laterals, but also the toughest vertical pipes and downspouts.

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