May Newsline: Water rate increase for Sacramento, federal money in play for water/sewer upgrades

May 2009 Vol. 64 No. 5

Chip Morgan, executive director of the Delta Council, says many businesses considering relocation or expansion examine the telecommunications infrastructure of communities.
“High-speed wireless data and the services and applications it supports are becoming increasingly important to both residential and business users.”

GTI offers DIMP Pipeline Regulation workshop

The Gas Technology Institute (GTI), the gas industry’s leading research, development, and training organization, is offering a four-day workshop on the Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) regulation. The workshop will be held on Aug. 10-14, at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center in San Ramon, CA.

“This is a unique opportunity for executives and senior managers at natural gas utilities to gain a better understanding of the expected DIMP rule from an overview perspective and to begin planning for its implementation,” said Rod Rinholm, executive director, business development and education at GTI. “It also provides middle managers, DIMP managers, and operating personnel responsible for program design and implementation with an in-depth review of the DIMP anticipated rule and guidance for compliance.”

The DIMP workshop, led by a team of LDC and integrity management experts, comprises two modules. Module 1 (Mon-Tues, noon) offers an overview of DIMP and can be attended independently. Module 2, which covers compliance with the DIMP Rule in greater detail, begins on Tuesday afternoon and runs through Friday at noon. Discounts are available for teams of three or more from a single organization. The workshop can also be customized for presentation at on-site facilities.

The proposed DIMP regulation represents one of the most significant additions to federal pipeline regulations since the federal government first began regulating pipeline safety in 1970. The new regulation will require operators of natural gas distribution systems to identify system threats, develop a risk-based integrity management program, and implement mitigation measures. Given the anticipated brief implementation period upon issue of the Final Rule, GTI’s DIMP workshop provides early guidance for understanding and meeting these new requirements.

For more information or to register, visit For information about an onsite workshop, contact Rod Rinholm, executive director, at (847)768-0868 or

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BJM pump
BJM Pump

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