May Newsline: Water rate increase for Sacramento, federal money in play for water/sewer upgrades

May 2009 Vol. 64 No. 5

“What we are seeing is an explosion of infrastructure project opportunities in the region,” according to Norman F. Anderson, president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, the Leadership Forum organizer. “The public and private sectors throughout the region are making a serious decision to double the level of infrastructure investment, and build their way out of the crisis.” The 500+ executives participating in the Forum included executives from leading oil and gas firms, including Pemex and Petrobras, along with global engineering/construction and technology/equipment firms.

Project selections are based on two fundamental criteria: They must present specific business opportunities over the next 3-12 months; and must be critical to the country or region’s competitiveness. The 10 critical infrastructure sectors are:

  • Strategic/Transformational - $10.17 billion, including the $5.2 billion Panama Canal Expansion, presented by Alberto Aleman Zubieta, CEO of the Panama Canal Authority;
  • Electricity Generation - $11.63 billion, including CFE’s cogeneration projects in Mexico (Salamanca Plant) and Brazil’s CPFL investment program;
  • Oil & Gas - $14.73 billion. Including the $3.5 billion PEMEX Chicontepec exploration project, and exploration opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala;
  • New Generation - $316 million. Including more than $500 million in wind opportunities in Mexico, and additional projects from the Dominican Republic;
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment - $1.319 billion. Including major wastewater treatment projects in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Brazil;
  • Urban Mass Transit - $3.21 billion. Including major projects from Mexico, San Jose’s Metropolitan Electric Train (Costa Rica) and Brazil’s World Cup projects;
  • Ports & Logistics - $2.27 billion. Including the development of Mexico’s Multimodal Corridor covering the entire extension Mazatlan - Durango - Matamoros;
  • Highways - $4.78 billion. Including two $1.5 billion highway concessions from Brazil and Mexico, and two concessions from the Dominican Republic;
  • Digital Infrastructure/Smart Grid - $654 million; including a complete electrical transmission system expansion in Guatemala; and
  • Tourism - $1.39 billion. Including the Huatulco Project in Mexico.

In Memoriam: Nelson Ealey

Nelson Ealey, vice president and general manager of Tramac Corp. passed away on March 16 at home, at the age of 58.