Mears Sets Fusible PVC Pipe Installation Record

April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4
Mears’ 500,000-pound rig on the entry side.

The second crossing was under Malecon Drive, which is the main road on Parris Island. During this 600-foot crossing, soft sands were encountered during drilling. Mears, using its 140,000-pound rig, pulled the FPVC pipe into place within two hours. The two drilled crossings are being connected in a conventional manner with restrained MJ fittings.

HDD with FPVC has become an economical approach for installing pipelines. Fusible PVC has a high strength to weight ratio, limited stretch under long duration loading and corrosion resistance. Mears and UGSI have partnered together on several projects and successfully set record-breaking crossings.


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