Michels Completes Crucial Water Crossings On Rex Pipeline Project

September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9

“The pullback at Big Darby Creek went as planned and we were able to stay on top of any concerns local officials may have had,” Breunig explained.

Little Miami River Crossing – While work was wrapping up at Big Darby Creek, a different crew and rig began work on the Little Miami River. “The directional drill on this job was going to be different,” says Breunig. “We were going to bore 160-feet beneath the riverbed and right through solid bedrock.”

The pullback also presented a challenge because it required a major change in elevation. The drilling rig was positioned on the lowlands and the bore was being conducted uphill. Because of the elevation change, the odds of an inadvertent return were at an all-time high. For this reason, Michels decided to go a little deeper and avoid the slope. This meant crews had to work longer hours and the drill would be a little longer.

The final bore on the project at Little Miami River was completed successfully at the end of April.

According to officials with Kinder-Morgan, REX has the potential to serve more than 4 million customers across the nation. The pipeline will offer eastern states an opportunity to access a new and plentiful source of Rocky Mountain gas at a rate of nearly 2 Bcf/d.

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