Michels Installs Record Crossing

September 2008 Vol. 63 No. 9

Pullback loads were within the anticipated range and were maintained by the crews using a specialized combination of proven HDD techniques developed from past experience along with several innovations implemented to address the unique concerns of the crossing. The weight of the pipe alone was almost 2.5 million pounds. Given this weight, simply getting the ominous looking single string of pipe started into the ground at the HDD exit point was a herculean task, let alone pulling it all of the way across to the entry point safely and without incident.

Michels Drill Superintendent Jack Edmunds said, “During pullback, the idea was to maintain a consistent pace so that ballasting, drill fluid removal operations and pullback remained synchronized so as to not delay any part of the operation.” Pullback was a remarkably short 23-hours.”

“The drill superintendents on the job related that this was one of the smoothest pullbacks, from start to finish, for this diameter of pipe that they could remember,” Breunig added.

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