For Miller Pipeline, Damage Prevention & Safety Tops Core Values

Damage Prevention And Safety
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2014, Vol. 69 No. 1

Kevin Miller, president of Miller Pipeline, stressed that “damage prevention and safety occupies a unique position in our company. The management of Miller Pipeline not only has identified employee safety as one of the company’s core values, but placed it at the top of the list. This has not just been done in writing, but more importantly it is clearly visible through the company’s actions.

“As do most top-performing companies,” he continued, “Miller Pipeline complies with all federal and state safety regulations, e.g. maintaining written programs, ensuring that all required training is completed, providing necessary safety equipment, facilitating safety meetings, conducting job-site inspections, maintaining equipment in safe working condition and other proactive steps. One important element in our program extends to preventing damage to other utilities and property on every project. Our safety department and quality assurance program monitors incidents which do not always pose a safety issue – for example, cutting a water line or communications cable that might disrupt service to utility customers.

“We believe the things we do beyond government requirements clearly shows how committed we truly are to providing a safe workplace for our employees.”

Basic elements of Miller’s damage prevention and safety programs include:

• Management commitment;
• Employee participation;
• Training and education;
• Hazard identification; and
• Employee recognition.

“Miller Pipeline’s safety and damage prevention programs are managed by a full staff of SQC (Safety, Quality and Compliance) specialists in the field,” Miller continued. “In each region, these specialists perform audits which include safe boring and digging procedures. They also lead the way on root cause investigations of significant utility damage incidents. Lessons learned from each incident are reviewed with all employees company-wide. Utility hits are tracked and reported as part of a quality assurance program reviewed by the executive group on a monthly basis. As president, I am notified of every safety and damage related incident through a web-based application.

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