Miller Pipeline Helps Bring Keyholing To China

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By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2009 Vol. 64 No. 11

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In addition Schuler had a PowerPoint presentation of the technology showing typical installations using Miller Pipeline vacuum excavation and coring equipment. Presentations were given to representatives of the engineering department of Guangzhou Gas and members of the International Science and Technology Cooperation Department, an organization responsible for evaluating technologies and granting approval for their use.

"I believe the keyholing demonstration made clear two things," said Schuler. The process would be extremely useful in repairing the gas system's cathodic protection system and by limiting the size of excavation required, it would significantly reduce disruption compared to conventional excavation methods.”

Schuler said the next step will be for a delegation from China to meet with Miller Pipeline personnel in the U.S. to help further their knowledge of the technology.

Coring is a specialized pavement removal process allowing Miller Pipeline crews to cut and remove a clean, intact section of concrete or asphalt covering a utility. Diameters of holes can range from 8 inches for spot hole purposes to 18 inches for full maintenance operations. The cored section is set aside and after the task is performed, the hole is filled, the core is replaced and set with non shrinking grout.

Miller Pipeline manufactures its own vacuum excavation equipment. Using high pressure air, a vacuum excavator displaces soil and can dig around buried pipe and cable with reduced risk of damage.

Miller Pipeline operates one of the world's largest fleets of vacuum excavators. Vacuum excavation technology also is used for making gas and water service terminations, potholing to expose locations of buried utility before directional drilling, and making cast iron bell joint repairs.

Founded in 1953, the Miller Pipeline Corporation is one of the nation's largest natural gas distribution, transmission pipeline and utility contractors, providing a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for natural gas, liquids, water and wastewater pipelines. Specialty products and services for the industrial and telecommunication industries also are offered.

The Miller Pipeline Corp. is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with offices nationwide. The company maintains hundreds of crews composed of skilled, professional, highly trained employees.

Miller Pipeline Corp., (800) 428-3742,

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