Mini Excavators: Equipment Spotlight

February 2014, Vol. 69 No. 2
Kobelco’s SK17SR

Hitachi Construction’s ZX27U-3 compact excavator boasts reduced fuel consumption with a cleaner, more powerful Interim Tier 4 engine. Efficient zero- and near-zero-tail-swing designs lower the center of gravity, increase stability and let you work in tight areas. Features of the robust machine include fast and easy bucket and attachment switchovers; boom-mounted auxiliary hydraulic lines and an auxiliary return-flow selector valve accommodate both one- and two-way hydraulically driven attachments. Maintenance is easy with the 2,000 hour hydraulic oil and 500 hour engine oil interval. The ZX27U-3 delivers 2,970 pounds of arm force, a bucket force of 4,994 pounds, and swing speed is 9.1 rpm while digging 9 feet 6 inches deep.

Hyundai Construction
The new R25Z-9A zero swing excavator provides operators with enhanced features and benefits compared to its prior model including a certified Interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, improved hydraulics, increased operator comfort and added durability. The R25Z-9A is part of Hyundai’s new line of 9A series excavators, all of which meet Tier 4 Interim standards. The 5,730 pounds excavator is powered by a 23-hp Interim Tier 4, Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. The machine boasts a dig depth of 7 feet 11 inches, bucket digging force of 4,740 foot-pounds and bucket capacity of 0.09 cubic yards. A dozer blade comes standard for light grading, backfilling and for stability while excavating. The R25Z-9A offers a tail swing radius of 2 feet 7 inches giving end-users easy, efficient operation on sites where space is limited. 877.509.2254,